Introducing Marcela Salvador Jewlery!

Marcela Salvador was born in Patagonia, from Argentine father and Italian mother, and with her family she grew up living in several places in Argentina, until she chose Italy for her artistic education. In the 90's in Milan she studied fashion and became totally involved in her work of stylist, collaborating with many companies of knitwear and yarns production, for which she designed the collections, followed the production directly to the buyers, searching for trends and new moods. At the same time, since 2000, Marcela has opened her jewelery manufacturing and clothing accessories workshop in Sicily, experimenting with innovative techniques and materials, and she has realized some limited series of jewelry collections, using silicone, resins, leathers, precious textiles, but above all metals such as silver and bronze. Marcela immediately started participating in relevant reviews, which gave her the opportunity to become known and appreciated by customers from all over the world. From the union of her professional skills and innate creativity, emerges a elegant and luxurious jewels and ornaments’ designer, which appear in the forms of "contemporary textiles" and integrate perfectly into everyday apparel, pret porter, but even in special or elegant occasions.

The designs are linear, complex in their apparent simplicity, contemporary, with a delicate nod in the past. Clean lines, organic textures, natural shapes: all of creations are handmade crafted and they are the expressions of timeless, iconic design and human touch.


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